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Scientific Illustration by Subject: Botanical/Botany:

Badger, Clarissa W. Munger (1806 - 1889)

Biographical: Illustrated Wild Flowers in America (1859) and Floral Belles. Badger's sister, Caroline Munger, was a miniature portrait artist.

The Art of Flowers
The Art of Flowers: A Celebration of Botanical Illustration, Its Masters and Methods
by Jack Kramer

"A fascinating overview of the golden age of floral art! The Art of Flowers is a magnificent look into the very best in 19th century botanical illustration by such renowned artists as Pierre Joseph Redouté, George Brookshaw, Jane Loudon, Georg Ehret, James Andrews, Rogert Tyas, James Sowerby, and Clarissa Badger.

Packed with scores of dazzling, full-color reproductions-many of them rarely seen before-this incredible book displays how the best artists of the era coaxed blossoms to flower on paper.

The Art of Flowers begins by exploring how this artistic genre developed, discussing how some simple botany basics came to enhance the art of drawing flowers. It goes on to celebrate the wonderful passion for flowers that flourished in the Victorian era and discusses the beautiful botanical periodicals that swept through England and America. In fact, many of these periodicals are still popular with today's collectors for their dazzling illustrations.

Next, readers will discover the intriguing phenomenon of language-of-flower books: charming and hugely popular references that assigned sentimental values to flora . . . and were often accompanied by poetry and delightful dashes of morality. These guides explained to gentle readers how to use flowers to send secret messages to lovers and admirers.

Finally, The Art of Flowers provides a fascinating section of rare how-to-draw flower books from the 19th century, complete with ready-to-use templates for copying such flowers as anemone, clematis, dahlias, daisies, lilies, daffodils, pansies, roses, and more. Written by an esteemed authority, The Art of Flowers is a magnificent display of rare art and how-to instruction-the perfect addition to every art lover's library and a delightful gift for anyone who gardens, paints, or simply loves flowers."

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