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Scientific Illustrators

Botanical and Herbal Illustration

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Edith Bergstrom
Robert Dance
Paula Fong
Wendy Hollender
Lisa Holley
Cynthia Padilla
Bryan Poole
Margaret Saul
Pat Schories
Tom Steigerwald
Valerie Roos Webster
Carol Wickenhiser-Schaudt
Linda Lorraine Wolf

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Botanical Artists

Contemporary Botanical Artists
Contemporary Botanical Artists : The Shirley Sherwood Collection
by Shirley Sherwood, Victoria Matthews

From Publishers Weekly:
"To anyone who doubts that the art of botanical illustration is alive and well in the 20th century, this stunning volume will be a revelation. Here representative works of more than 100 contemporary botanical artists from around the world are presented in superb color reproductions that do full justice to their breathtaking beauty and technical brilliance. Far more than scientific studies, these exquisite depictions of everything from pansies, squash blossoms and beetroot to mushrooms, lilies and exotic tropical plants are elegant works of art, some by well-known artists such as Margaret Mee and Anne Ophelia Dowden; others are by equally talented artists only beginning to be recognized by the general public, often because of Sherwood's interest. The illustrations are accompanied by perceptive essays in which the author, a trustee of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, explains how she built her collection, gives her impressions of the artists and their working methods and evaluates their output and careers. This glorious book, published in conjunction with a traveling exhibition, proves that botanical illustration, so popular in the 18th and 19th centuries, is no less an art form today."

A Passion for Plants
A Passion for Plants : Contemporary Botanical Masterworks from the Shirley Sherwood Collection
by Shirley Sherwood

From Library Journal
"This stunning showcase of paintings by over 80 contemporary botanical artists from all over the world comes from Sherwood's own comprehensive collection; she acquired the works presented here since 1995. The paintings are beautifully reproduced, often with additional enlarged details, showing both their meticulous scientific detail and their dramatic beauty. An introductory section features both recent works and classic botanical paintings, showing how well recent works compare. The main section reproduces over 200 paintings, with a detailed discussion of each painting as well as biographical information about the artists and their working methods and Sherwood's personal relationship with them. An appendix provides smaller reproductions of more of her paintings and information about their artists. Sherwood also furnishes a list of all artists in her collection, an international directory of where to find botanical art, and classes and a schedule of her collection's future exhibits. Sherwood's 1996 work, Contemporary Botanical Artists: The Shirley Sherwood Collection, has become the standard reference work for botanical artists; this book will be an equally important purchase for both botanical and art collections."
Marit MacArthur Taylor, Auraria Lib., Denver

Jim Dine
Jim Dine : Flowers and Plants
by Marco Livingstone

From Booklist:
"When we think of Jim Dine we think of his emblematic pop paintings of objects such as bathrobes and lawn mowers, but Dine moved away from the simplification, punning, and self-consciousness of pop and returned to the foundation of all image making, life drawing. Plants were his life-form of choice, and Dine immersed himself in the art of close observation. The results are not rigorous documentation, but rather drawings and paintings charged with energy and palpable vitality, the shimmer of light and shadow, and even the movement of Dine himself as he looks intently from plant to paper and back again. Each picture is a quest, and Dine's effort is obvious in his lines, brush strokes, and eager mix of media. In one recent piece he used charcoal, colored pencil, watercolor, gouache, enamel, and oil. Most of the works included here have never before been published, reason enough to acquire this volume, but curator Livingston's essay is also well worth reading."
Donna Seaman







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