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Scientific Illustration Resources

Aquariums, Botanical Gardens, Bird Observatories, Butterfly Gardens, Natural History Museums, Wildlife Centers, Science Publications, Universities' Biology Departments, and Zoos

What to do with this list:
  • Find places in your locale and go draw!
  • Need a live or preserved specimen to develop a painting from? Or are you looking for a specialized library or book store on a particular science subject? These are great places to check.
  • Choose places to which to obtain membership, which may allow for before- and after-hours drawing at the institution, announcements of special events and opportunities, and meeting people employed at the organization.
  • Mail samples of your artwork to the art director or department director. (No guarantee is made to the accuracy of the information contained on these web pages, so please double-check addresses.)


Archaeology Sites

Botanical Gardens, Arboreta, Japanese Gardens, and Conservatories

Bird Observatories and Places to Bird Watch

Butterfly Gardens

Natural History Museums

Nature and Wildlife Centers

Universities' Biology Departments








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