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Putting Your Portfolio Online

Sites at Which Artists May Submit their Websites

On the list below, the arrow [scientific illustrators] indicates those sites which generally send "hits" to my website (after I registered my site with them). I haven't yet paid for much in terms of "fee required" listings and haven't yet listed my art at eBay, Indexed Visuals, or iTheo, so a lack of an arrow on those sites is not meant to indicate a lack of potential for sending traffic to your site, should you choose to list your site there. Two arrows [scientific illustratorsscientific illustrators] indicates the site that currently sends the highest number of referrals to my website. Sites that do not regularly send traffic to mine are still worthwhile because search engines can see your site being linked to by other sites. This builds up the legitimacy of your website.

Free Listings:

Absolute Arts
Dick Blick
Folio Planet
Google (this is also how you submit your site for Google Images) scientific illustrators scientific illustrators

There is a new option at Google, Google Webmaster Tools. When you register for an account and upload your site to be reviewed here, there is an option to participate in "enhanced image search". It seems to be a good idea for anyone having unique images on their website.

Open Directory's Category for Medical and Scientific Illustration (I am a DMOZ editor. See my DMOZ profile & bookmarks) scientific illustrators
Sam's Directory

Interested in listing your site and/or your artwork at sites that require a membership fee? See Listings Requiring a Membership Fee

For more listings, see Yahoo's List of Virtual Galleries

Also note that many of the artists' associations will link to your website from theirs if you are a member of their organization. See a list of artist's organizations here.

Finally, don't forget about your college. Often they will link to alumni web sites. It's worth checking into.







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