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Duck Stamp Contests and Other Federal and State Wildlife Contests

Federal Duck Stamp Contest
Deadline to submit: August 15
"The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service mails contest regulations to interested artists each spring. The Federal Duck Stamp Program begins accepting entries June 1st of the contest year... Artists may choose their own medium and designs may be in black-and-white or full color, and must measure 10 inches wide by 7 inches high. Entry fee $125 by certified check, cashier's check, or money order payable to US Fish and Wildlife Service."

State Contests:

Alabama Migratory Waterfowl Stamp Contest
Department of Conservantion and Natural Resources
Deadline to submit: February 15
Alabama residents only

Department of Fish and Game
Issues duck and salmon stamps. 
Past stamps have included 3rd place runner up submission to federal duck stamp contest.  Possibly they have no contest but purchase rights for previously produced pieces.

Game and Fish Department
Stamps Issued: Duck Stamp, Trout Stamp, Two-pole stamp, Colorado River (with Nevada), Colorado River (with California), Lake Powell
No further information found.

Game and Fish Commission. 
Not selected through a contest.
No further information found.

California Department of Fish and Game
Stamps Issued: California Duck Stamp; California Trout Stamp; Upland Game Bird; Colorado River (fishing reciprocity with Arizona); Second Rod; Resident fishing upgrade; Ocean Enhancement; Striped Bass; Sport Abalone
No further information found.

Colorado Waterfowl Stamp Contest
Deadline to submit: March 2
Colorado Department of Natural Resources
$50 entry fee payable to Ducks Unlimited Inc.  Prizes:  1st prize $3,500, 2nd prize $1,000, 3rd prize $500.  (Purchase perpetual rights.)

No longer hosting a duck stamp contest as of 2002.

Trout Stamp and Duck Stamp
Deadline to submit: March 10, 2007: Delaware Trout Stamp Contest
Delaware Division of Fish & Wildlife
$250 award

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
Stamps Issued: duck stamp, wild turkey stamp
No further information found.

No duck stamps as of 2002.

Hawaii Wildlife Stamp Contest
Deadline to submit: April 7
Hawaii Division of Forestry and Wildlife, $25 entry fee, medium oil or acrylic, $1,000 award

No duck stamps as of 2002.

Illinois Habitat Art Print
Stamps issued are: Duck; Habitat; Inland Trout; Lake Michigan Salmon
No further information found.

Stamps issued are: Duck; Trout/Salmon; Game Bird Habitat
No further information found.

Iowa Duck Stamp Competition
Iowa Ducks Unlimited Sponsor Artist
No further information found.

Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks
Stamps Issued: Duck stamp, H.I.P stamp, Trout stamp
also, "Greater Kansas Ducks Unlimited Artist of the Year"
No further information found.

Stamps Issued: Duck Stamp, Trout Stamp
No further information found.

No information found.

Migratory Waterfowl Stamp Art Contest
Maine residents only.

Maryland Game Bird Stamp
Maryland residents only.
No further information found.

Massachusetts Waterfowl Stamp
Deadline to submit: July 31

Michigan Waterfowl Stamp Competition
Michigan Ducks Unlimited Artist of the Year; MUCC Michigan Wildlife Artist of the Year; Michigan Trout Stamp Competition; Michigan Ducks Unlimited Sponsor Artist.
Deadline to submit: July 22
$40 fee.  Requires giving ownership of rights to MDHA.  Requires that the winner also provide 10 color and 5 pencil remarques.  $2,500 prize to winner plus 50 proofs.  2nd place $500.  3rd place $250.

Available only to Minnesota residents
Deadline to submit for Minnesota Wild Turkey Stamp Contest: January
Deadline to submit for Minnesota Pheasant Stamp Contest: September

No information found.

Missouri Waterfowl and Trout stamp competitions ended in 1996 ("a move to a 'point-of-sale' permit distribution system will make trout and waterfowl stamps obsolete")

Montana Duck Stamp Competition
Montana Trout Stamp Competition
No further information found.

No duck stamp competition as of 2002.

Nevada Board of Wildlife Commission
Nevada Trout Stamp competition ended in 2006.
Nevada Duck Stamp competition
No further information found.

New Hampshire
No information found.

New Jersey
New Jersey Trout Stamp competition; New Jersey Ducks Unlimited Artist of the Year; New Jersey Conservation Stamp; New Jersey's Pheasant/Quail Stamp
No further information found.

New Mexico
No duck stamp competition as of 2002.

New York
New York State's Migratory Bird Print and Stamp Program (no competition since 2002).

North Carolina
Waterfowl Conservation Stamp and Print Program
Wildlife Resource Commission
No further information found.

North Dakota
Game and Fish Department
No further information found.

Ohio Wetland Stamp Competition
Division of Wildlife, Department of Natural Resources
No further information found.

Department of Wildlife Conservation
Oklahoma Waterfowl Stamp
Featured Duck Species will be Announced in August of 2007
Oklahoma Ducks Unlimited Artist of the Year

Oregon Ducks Unlimited Artist of the Year
Stamps Issued: waterfowl, upland game bird
Upland Game Bird:
Deadline December 31. 
"The artwork must be original and unsigned by the artist, and shall not have been used in the production or entered into and other state upland bird stamp competition... $3,000 award... The winning entry shall become the exclusive property of the Department and the Department shall retain all reproduction rights. The winning artist must sign, at no charge, up to 200 (two hundred) upland game bird stamps for sales by the Department."

Game Commission,
No longer holding trout stamp contests (see
"Working Together for Wildlife" conservation print competition
No further information found.

Rhode Island
Division of Fish and Wildlife
Stamps Issued: duck "Waterfowl Conservation Stamp", trout
No further information found.

South Carolina
Department of Natural Resources
Stamps Issued: Migratory Waterfowl; Marine Recreational Fisheries
"Winning artists receive no money from the sale of the annual South Carolina migratory waterfowl stamp... but they do earn $8 from each regular edition $135 art print sold from a maximum edition of 4,000 prints." See

South Dakota
Department of Game, Fish and Parks
South Dakota Ducks Unlimited Artist of the Year
No further information found.

Wildlife Resources Agency
Stamps Issued: waterfowl, duck, big game, watchable wildlife
The state works with the Tennessee Wildlife Heritage Trust to produce collectible stamps.

Parks and Wildlife
Under the terms of the state artwork design and marketing contract with Collectors Covey for Departmental print programs; the Commission approves the artwork for the design of five of the collector stamps each year. The artwork for the remaining Archery stamp is provided by the TPWD in-house artist.
Migratory Game Bird Stamp (formerly white-winged dove stamp and waterfowl stamp), Nongame Stamp, Upland Game Bird (formerly turkey stamp), Saltwater, Freshwater Fish
No further information found.

No duck stamp competition as of 2002.

Agency of Natural Resources, Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department
No further information found.

Virginia State Migratory Waterfowl Conservation Stamp
Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries (VDGIF)
No further information found.

Department of Fish and Wildlife
No further information found.

West Virginia
Department of Natural Resources
No further information found.

Department of Natural Resources
Must be a legal resident of the State of Wisconsin.
Inland Trout, Waterfowl, Turkey, Great Lakes Trout and Salmon, Pheasant

Game and Fish Department
Deadline to Submit: March 15
$20 fee. They purchase all rights. 







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