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Scientific Illustration Resources

How-To's on Scientific Illustration: General

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Wildlife Illustration

Bird Illustration
Botanical Illustration

The Guild Handbook of Scientific Illustration

The Guild Handbook of Scientific Illustration by Elaine R. S. Hodges

"This encyclopedia of scientific illustrations is an indispensable text for the novice as well as professional illustrators and scientists. Covering tools, materials, and rendering techniques, with over six hundred outstanding examples shown, this book enables scientific illustrators to understand the complex nature of their subjects and depict them appropriately."

Read more about the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators

A Handbook of Biological Illustration

A Handbook of Biological Illustration
by Frances W. Zweifel

Keys to Painting: Fur & Feathers
by Rachel Rubin Wolf

From the publisher:
"Nothing creates a stronger sense of 'life' in wildlife art than realistic textures. Here are proven ways to paint fur, feathers and other realistic wildlife textures from top wildlife artists in a variety of mediums, including acrylic, oil, watercolor and pastel."

Painting the Secret World of Nature
by John Agnew

"To encounter John Agnew's work is to gaze at the mysterious and enchanting world of a forest floor, mountainous cliffs and crags, the heights of a rain forest or the surface of a hidden pond.

"In this book, Agnew shares his secrets about how to create those special atmospheres by controlling the light, color, textures, point of view and design of his paintings. The book is filled with mini-demonstrations showing readers exactly how to capture this beauty in their own work, regardless of the medium they work in. They'll find guidelines for rendering leaves, mud, snow, fur, feathers and more, plus one full demonstration that puts these animal and environment textures together in a single painting."

Scientific Illustration: A Guide to Biological, Zoological, and Medical Rendering Techniques, Design, Printing, and Display

Scientific Illustration: A Guide to Biological, Zoological, and Medical Rendering Techniques, Design, Printing, and Display by Phyllis Wood

From the author, Phyllis Wood:
"Readers are taken visually step-by-step from the original concept through decisions on position, size, details, graphic emphasis and measuring to final layout for publication or projection. Guidance is given on how to maintain scientific accuracy that is also aesthetically appropriate for publication, slides or video presentations. Techniques covered include pen and ink, continuous tone wash, carbon dust, pencil, color pencil, watercolor, airbrush and sketching animals and plants in the field. This book is directed to artists who wish to produce accurate drawings, scientists who want to illustrate their own research, students pursuing a career in Scientific Illustration and teachers in the biological sciences."

Scientific Illustration : A Guide for the Beginning Artist
by Zbigniew Jastrzebski
This book is out of print but is available used. Jastrzebski was a teacher of scientific illustration at the School of the Art Institute at Chicago. The book correlates well with projects he taught in class. Examples of iIllustrations I produced while in his class:







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