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pitcher plant

Botanical Illustrator

Chara Illustrated

Muskgrass (Chara), colored pencil
Commissioned by: Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
Also commissioned by FLW Outdoors Magazine
FLW Outdoors Magazine

About muskgrass:
Muskgrass is a multicellular macro-alga with cylindrical, whorled branches. It grows in mineral-rich freshwater (ponds, lakes, and rivers). It smells like garlic and is sometimes referred to as "skunkweed". Sporangia are ball-shaped and grow along the branchlets. Muskgrass does not have flowers. It is an important source of food for ducks.

More information about muskgrass:
University of Florida Center for Aquatic and Invasive Plants
AquaPlant: Muskgrass, Chara
USGS: Northern Prairie Wildlife Resarch Center: Muskgrass

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