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pitcher plant

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Compass Plant Drawing

compass plant Client Newsletter

Compass Plant (Silphium laciniatum), graphite and ink on mylar

About the illustration:
Commissioned by: University Research Parks, Madison, Wisconsin

About Compass Plants:
Compass plants are perennial nonwoody plants and grow from five to ten feet tall. The leaves align along the north and south axis, hence the name, "compass plant". The flower is golden yellow in color and resembles a sunflower. Flowering occurs in late summer. The plant is also referred to as rosinweed or pilot plant. Compass plants grow in east-central North America.

Kingdom: Plantae (plants)
Kingdom: Tracheobionta (vascular plants)
Superdivision: Spermatophyta (seed plants)
Division: Magnoliophyta (flowering plants)
Class: Magnoliopsida (dicotyledons)
Order: Asterales
Family: Asteraceae
Tribe: Helianthae
Genus: Silphium
Species: S. laciniatum

More information about compass plants:
Kansas wildflowers and grasses: compass plant

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