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pitcher plant

Fish and Marine Life Illustrations

Fish Illustrated

fish illustration

Fish, graphite and ink on mylar

About the illustration:
This type of illustration method consists of:
1) Developing the line drawing and outlining it lightly on mylar drafting film in pencil.
2) Fill in the tonal areas with graphite spread with a cotton swab.
3) Lift out the highlighted areas with a kneadable eraser.
4) Ink over the lines with a Rapidiograph pen.
For more information about the technique, see:
Scientific Illustration : A Guide for the Beginning Artist
By Zbigniew Jastrzebski, the teacher of the class in which the fish illustration above was produced. This book is out of print but is available used. Jastrzebski was a teacher of scientific illustration at the School of the Art Institute at Chicago. The book correlates well with projects he taught in class. More examples of iIllustrations I produced while in his class:

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