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Fish and Marine Life Illustrations

Seed Shrimp Illustrated, Colored Pencil, Scientific Illustration

seed shrimp

Seed Shrimp (Ostracod, Ostracoda), colored pencil
Commissioned by: Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

About seed shrimp:
Seed shrimp are small crustaceans about one mm in size. They are called "seed shrimp" because they resemble a shrimp inside a seed pod. Their shell (the carapace) is hinged like a clam and held shut with adductor muscles. The head (cephalon) has five pairs of hairy legs. The pronged tail is called a furca. They live in most water environments, both marine and freshwater. Ostracods reproduce sexually and asexually.

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda (having a segmented body with appendages on each segment)
Subphylum: Crustacea (having 3 body parts: head, thorax, and abdomen/pleon)
Class: Ostracoda

More about seed shrimp:
Wikipedia: Ostracod
Museum Victoria Australia: Biology of Ostracods
University College London: Ostracods

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