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Fish and Marine Life Illustrations

Starfish Illustration


Starfish (cushion sea star, Oreaster reticulatus), watercolor pencils, watercolor and gouache

About the illustration:
Commissioned by: Smithsonian Institute

coral reef
Further information about this illustration is detailed here: coral reef

More information about starfish (cushion sea stars):

Starfish have radial symmetry. According to Wikipedia, ancestors are believed to have had bilateral symmetry (having distinct left and right sides). The underside (ventral) of the starfish has tube feet by which the starfish moves. Starfish eat oysters and clams. Their two stomachs are differentiated in use, one for engulfing prey and the other for digestion. They can regrow arms that are cut off.



Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Echinodermata (marine animals including crinoids, starfish, sea urchins, sand dollars, and sea cucumbers)
Subphylum: Asterozoa
Class: Asteroidea

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