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Microscopic Illustrations

Amoeba Illustrated

amoeba illustration

Amoeba, colored pencil
Commissioned by: Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

About amoeba:

Amoeba is a protozoa that moves by pseudopods. Pseudopods are "feet" that are temporarily formed for movement. Amoeba is generally found in freshwater. The anatomy of amoeba:

ectoplasm - the exterior gel
endoplasm - the interior fluid
food vacuoles - digestion of food
contracile vacuoles - pumps water in and out of the amoeba
pseudopod - temporary projectile formed for the purpose of movement

When conditions are adverse, amoeba can turn into a cyst. Assuming this form keeps the amoeba alive until environmental conditions improve.

Phylum: Amoebozoa (amoeboids)
Subphylum: Sarcodina
Class: Tubulinea
Order: Tubulinida
Family: Amoebidae
Genus: Amoeba

More about amoeba:

Wikipedia: amoeba

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