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pitcher plant

Sketches and Drawings

bald eagle sketch, pencil

coral reef drawing
  bald eagle bee coral reef drawing horsefly
  ink study of bird in flight
Sketch of Hands
  bird man's back man's hands eye
pecan tree

boy, pencil study
yellow water lilies

    pecan tree boy painting yellow water lilies
Ducks in Lake Michigan

  kingfisher diving dock killdeer ducks
red-tailed hawk
  blue jay red-tailed hawk alley pigeon
  red-tailed hawk prairie falcon prairie falcon red-tailed hawk
  California QuailCalifornia Quail California QuailCalifornia QuailCalifornia QuailCalifornia QuailCalifornia QuailCalifornia Quail
  California quail

watercolor at South Padre Island, Texas

Chicago, Lake Michigan

river, watercolor

    padre island chicago river
navy ships

  navy ships   crows  

feather watercolor
  Flower Sketch
Common Loon Watercolor

Herons, Sketch

loon herons self portrait

pencil study of child
Chair Sketch
  man's feet boy sleeping chair sketch of woman
wasp in pencil
sketch in watercolor

  girl wasp girl
copes treefrog sketch

pencil study for community painting
leaf sketch
Cranes in Flight
  frog town sketch   crane
  Sketch of Cranes Sketch of Cranes
Tern in Flight
  cranes cranes tern swan

mink frog

emerald ash borer sketch
bristle worm
american lotus illustration
    emerald ash borer caterpillar american lotus
belted kingfisher, watercolor

sketch of goldfinch and sunflower
  robin   honeycreeper
marsh wren sketch
frogs in ink
copes tree frog sketch
puffins flying

Study for Junco Illustration

chorus frog

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